Applewood Cottage

Sylvanian Houses

Come to Sylvania and visit the Sylvanian Houses and other buildings where the adorable SylvanianFamilies live and hang out.

Children love collecting the various animal characters. These little families need somewhere to live. Where better than in the specially designed homes.

Applewood Cottage is the smallest and will accommodate a small Sylvanian Family. It can also be used to give an upper storey to the Applewood Department Store. This makes it very versatile when a collection is enlarged.

Applewood Cottage for Sylvanian Families

Babblebrook Grange is a delightful family home for the little more prosperous Sylvanian Family. For this dwelling there are accessories for the layout of the garden around the building.

Babblebrook Grange for the well to do Sylvanian Family

Beechwood Hall is a rather grand residence with balcony. This opens out so that the interior can easily be attended to.

Beechwood Hall for the larger Sylvanian Family

These Sylvanian Houses, hotels and shops bring the idyllic land of Sylvania alive.